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What is Biophilia

What is Biophilia

Biophilia At Interiorscapes, we occasionally talk about something called Biophilia. You may know what this is or you may be wondering what this fancy five syllable word really means. Well I’ve got good news for you. I am here to let you in on what Biophilia means and why it could be useful to you… Read More

September Plant of the Month: Dracaena

Our September Plant of the Month is the Dracaena. The dracaena is a genus of plant with over 100 different species. Dracaena varieties can be grown indoors or outdoors and range from small office plants to large trees. They work well on their own or in pairings. Dracaena Varieties Dracaena Marginata: a dracaena marginata is… Read More

August Plant of the Month: Pony Tail Palm

It’s August and it’s time to celebrate and learn about the Ponytail Palm. The ponytail palm’s scientific name is Beaucarnea recurvata. This plant is also known as an Elephant’s Foot. It is easy to guess where both common names came from just by looking at the plant. The base of the trunk looks like like an elephant… Read More

July Plant of the Month: Angelonia

Angelonia is a flower that stands tall and adds a pop of color in landscape flower beds or beautiful planter bowls. This flower is soft and delicate; it adds height and color to a garden without overpowering the other plants. It is a relatively new plant and has only been around since the 1990s. This… Read More

June’s Plant of the Month: Cordyline

Exterior landscaping with cordyline

Cordyline is a tropical exterior plant that we use in our landscaping. Cordyline originated in Southeast Asia. It currently thrives in the Hawaiian Islands, the eastern part of Australia and other pacific islands. Some common names for Cordyline include good luck plant, palm lily and Hawaiian Ti Plant. Cordyline can be solid or have striped… Read More

May Plant of the Month: ZZ

The ZZ plant, also known by its scientific name, Zamioculcas zamiifolia. A couple other names for the ZZ plant is Zanzibar gem, emerald palm, and zuzu plant. It’s pretty easy to see why it is referred to as a ZZ. The ZZ plant grows tall stalks with oblong green leaves. The plant is quite unique and each plant has… Read More

How to Wick Plants

At Interiorscapes, we are constantly working to improve the way we take of care of plants for our interior plant maintenance clients. One way we are doing this is by wicking plants. Learn more about how to wick plants from Kevin, one of our plant techs. In the video, as shown below, Kevin demonstrates how to… Read More

Orchid: April Plant of the Month

Our April Plant of the Month is the Orchid. The orchid comes in a large variety of types. They can be small or large, used in floral arrangements or on their own as a statement, indoor plant. Despite the variety of shapes, sizes and colors, it is easy to identify an orchid. These classic flowers… Read More

Floral Design in Action

Hey Everyone! Greetings from our Floral Department.   This elegant arrangement is made with white roses and dusty miller in a simple pedestal container. As you can see in the video, first our floral designer puts floral foam in the container and uses floral tape keep it in place. Floral foam, or Oasis, is soaked… Read More

Featured Client: Renaissance Ross Bridge Resort and Spa

Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort and Spa has been a client of Interiorscapes since the hotel opened in 2005. To call it simply a hotel is a little simplistic. This resort located in Birmingham, Alabama is actually a Scottish castle and is home to a world-class golf course. In addition, it has a spa, tennis… Read More

Impatiens: March Plant of the Month

Spring is here and it’s almost time for spring planting! We are in the process of switching from pansies to impatiens. In honor of that, our March Plant of the Month is the impatiens. Impatiens do a very good job of adding color to a flower bed or bowl. They come in a variety of… Read More

Valentine’s Day Floral Arrangements

In honor of Valentine’s Day this past Wednesday, our talented floral designers made a beautiful Valentine’s Day themed arrangement for one of our weekly cut floral clients. Our weekly cut floral is a service where we create fresh cut flower arrangements every week and switch them out. It allows businesses to have an updated floral… Read More

Brassica Oleracea: February Plant of the Month

Our February Plant of the Month is known by the scientific name, Brassica Oleracea.   We are going to focus on two varieties of the Brassica Oleracea. These gorgeous winter plants are commonly known as ornamental cabbage and ornamental kale. Other varieties of Brassica Oleracea include edible kale, edible cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. Although ornamental kale and ornamental cabbage are… Read More

Benefits of Replica Succulents

replica succulent arrangement

Lately, succulents have been the next big thing. They’re everywhere. Search #succulents on Instagram and you’ll find over 4.2 million images of succulents. Many accounts are devoted specifically to succulent images. It’s not hard to see why. They are versatile, have interesting shapes and are just plain pretty. We are on board with the succulent… Read More