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May Plant of the Month: ZZ

The ZZ plant, also known by its scientific name, Zamioculcas zamiifolia. A couple other names for the ZZ plant is Zanzibar gem, emerald palm, and zuzu plant. It’s pretty easy to see why it is referred to as a ZZ.

The ZZ plant grows tall stalks with oblong green leaves. The plant is quite unique and each plant has several stalks. The stalks start thick at the base and thin out as it reaches the top. While the ZZ prefers bright to moderate light, it can still thrive in low light situations. This makes it an excellent choice for our clients with less than ideal light situations. The ZZ is an interesting sculptural plant. It definitely makes a different type of impact and statement than the traditional plant.

In addition to being a great potted plant, ZZs can be cut and placed in a vase with water indefinitely. They make a simple statement piece.

zz plants in blue planters zz plants in blue planters