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Brassica Oleracea: February Plant of the Month

Our February Plant of the Month is known by the scientific name, Brassica Oleracea.


We are going to focus on two varieties of the Brassica Oleracea. These gorgeous winter plants are commonly known as ornamental cabbage and ornamental kale.

Other varieties of Brassica Oleracea include edible kale, edible cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. Although ornamental kale and ornamental cabbage are technically edible, they are bitter and tend to be used as a garnish rather than an ingredient.

While both are beautiful and colorful, ornament kale tends to have long, lacy or ruffled leaves, while ornamental cabbage tends to be more round and broad.

These plants work well in flower beds and flower beds during the winter. They are hardy plants that complement other winter exterior plants like pansies and hardy evergreens.

Here’s how we’ve incorporated it into beds and bowls at some of our exterior clients.

winter hayrack winter flower planter white and green ornamental cabbage colorful winter hayrack