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Replica Silk Plants Installation

We were thrilled at the chance to install silk replicas of live plant materials at the Marriott Shoals and Spa hotel in Florence, Alabama. Our talented designer Pam Learnard used her years of experience to create a custom design that reflected the Marriott Shoals and Spa.

These replica plants add a touch of sophistication to an already elegant environment. The installation at Marriott Shoals is one of our favorites. It was a chance to create something original and unique that adds charm to the setting. Here are a few pictures of the arrangements:


Benefits of Silk Replica Plants

We installed replica silk plants rather than live plants because of some unique benefits. Our realistic replicas are placed in areas where live plants would not be able to thrive. Because they don’t need any light, this gives us the ability to place them virtually anywhere.

Silk replicas have an added benefit of requiring less maintenance. Rather than needing to be watered weekly, replica plants only need attention twice a year to be freshened up. Furthermore, they can be 100% customized to the client’s needs.

At Interiorscapes, we love designing beautiful creations for our clients in the Birmingham, Montgomery and the surrounding Alabama area. From the authentic quality of our replica silks to exterior landscaping, from interior plants to event rentals, Interiorscapes takes pride in all of our projects.

It was a pleasure to design and install these. Next time you’re in the area, be sure to stay at the Marriott Shoals and Spa and take a few minutes to see the replicas.

Owner Joy Daugherty, Designer Pam Learnard, Mary Bullington from the Marriott Shoals enjoying their day together